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Give Me Pearls Body Bundle

Give Me Pearls Body Bundle

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Give Me All the Pearls

The Give Me Pearls Body Bundle includes our signature Give Me Pearls Face Moisturizer and Give Me Pearls Body Butter. Formulated for each area specifically, these will leave you feeling smooth, your pores tight and age worries - gonzo.

Pearl powder

Pearl powder is a natural collagen booster, so this helps with pore texture and skin coloration (goodbye, redness!), as well as anti aging and acne! It truly is the wonder of ingredients. 

Butters and Oils

We use shea and mango butter, as well as oils of coconut, hemp seed, grape seed, argon and jojoba. These creations are deeply hydrating and nourishing, penetrating deep into the skin and working effectively, while still being plant based and organic. We use essential oils of frankincense, lavender and sandalwood. These essential oils smell very calming and grounding, but are also some of the best essential oils to be used on the skin for anti aging and inflammation. 

Crafted with love and intention and hand made in small batches, these products will have you looking in the mirror saying, "Who's that sexy b*tch?".



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