Our Mission

At Intuitively Living Co., our mission is to create products that nurture every part of you, do some good in the world, and make the world a better place through commerce.



Create products that nurture every part of you

We do this by finding only the best and highest quality ingredients, 100% derived from nature. Nothing will ever be added that is not natural and/or organic. We believe that nature has provided us everything we need, and there is a rich history in using plants for beauty and wellness. We look back to our past ancestors around the globe for their knowledge and insight into how to best harness the power of nature. 

We also want our products to be accessible to everyone. Nature has many beautiful offerings, and we are focused on creating products that give you the results of top dollar brands (think $130 for face moisturizer), for a fraction of the price. Instead of filling your creams with medicine you don't need, or proprietary blends that mimic nature, we use a well tested and vetted mix of nature herself + we never test on animals.

Do some good in the world

Giving back has been a fundamental part of our business plan from the very beginning. We believe businesses can be agents of change, and wanted to give back to the planet as a whole, to make the world a better place. We have partnered with One Tree Planted, to create the "1 product sold = 1 tree planted" offering. We are committed to helping do our part to create sustainable practices and leave the world better than we found it for future generations.

Make the world a better place through commerce

We believe in the power of commerce and voting with your dollar. We also believe businesses can be change agents, helping to lift up good and sustainable businesses, to slowly drown out the voices of those who are not in alignment.

To do this, we seek partnerships with distributors who hold similar ethical values and practices we do. Our intent is to create clean and ethical supply chains, challenging our partners to do the same. In doing this, we can support companies guided by ethics, create fair paying jobs, lift up suppliers practicing sustainable practices to mitigate environmental impacts, and create products that are clean and good for you and everyone touching it, from beginning to end.